My Story

My name is Ginny and I have been in the power tool business for over 10 years. Answering calls from our customers with technical questions on their power tools put me in a unique position to speak to many women over the years who used tools. The overwhelming feedback was that they wanted tools for themselves. Tools that were lighter, smaller, good quality and that looked great! Tools their husbands, partners or boyfriends wouldn’t touch!! With lots of feedback, enthusiasm & suggestions from the other technical support girls in the office (Mel and Mayssa), Seriously Pink was born……

About Seriously Pink

Seriously Pink is a new brand of power tools, kits and accessories hand-picked specifically for women! The chief complaint about women’s tools currently being sold is that they are poor quality, or old technology or simply men’s’ tools re-skinned in pink and sold at a premium. Seriously Pink tools are different. They are specifically hand-picked by women for women. They are gorgeous and ergonomically geared toward us: smaller and will fit in a women’s hand comfortably, lighter, with rubber grips and features women will appreciate like lithium ion batteries (lithium ion batteries means you can use your tool and charge whenever you need to without harming the battery), fast chargers, hex shank bits (bits won’t fall out of tool and are easier to pick up). Seriously Pink tools are beautiful, seriously pink and are good quality!! Tools hand-picked by women, for women! Please give us a call for questions, comments, parts & to find out where to buy more Seriously Pink Tools. coming soon! Thanks Mel, Mayssa & Ginny 1-866-349-8665